Learn About Mobile Child Restraint Fitting in Blacktown and Castle Hill in Sydney

Putting a child seat in your car may seem simple, even if you’ve done it before. You simply anchor the seat down and then place the baby inside, right? In fact, child seat installation is regulated and you may be breaking the law if you install your seat on your own without knowing the guidelines. As Snug As A Bug, a child seat installation service in Sydney, is here to solve that quandary.

Our five licensed fitters offer mobile child restraint fitting services in Blacktown, Castle Hill and other neighbourhoods in Sydney. Headquartered in Seven Hills, we have worked for 18 years to provide impeccable fitting services for new and experienced parents alike. The Auburn and Sydney City councils allow us to provide the communities with fitting services five days a week, so you can come by whenever it is convenient for you.

Call Us for Mobile Child Restraint Fitting in Sydney

You are not out of luck if you do not live near Auburn, Camperdown or the other suburbs where we host our Tier 1 certified fitting stations. As Snug As A Bug makes it a point to travel to homes if need be to assist with mobile child restraint fitting. Residents in Blacktown and Castle Hill can benefit from our services without leaving the front porch. Our mission is to ensure that your new arrival is safe in the car with Safe and Sound technology, and we are flexible in the ways we can achieve that.

Visit our website at assnugasabug.com.au to view our fitting locations, and give us a call if you need a special service for your home. We recognise that expecting people in the Sydney area to all come to just a few locations can be unrealistic, and we don’t want to leave parents out in the cold to fit the seats on their own! Don’t be afraid to call us to see what we can do for you and how we can serve your child restraint needs.

We Educate You on Australian Requirements While our main goal at As Snug As A Bug is to get your seat fitted properly, we also offer educational services. If you want to know how to fit your seat in the future, we can give you tips and make sure you understand Australian requirements as well as we do. Mobile child restraint fitting in Blacktown and Castle Hill in Sydney is what we do, and we want to give others the opportunity to learn as much as we have. Installing a child seat improperly may jeopardise your child’s safety, and you may incur fines from the government. Nobody wants that, and As Snug As A Bug will help you avoid those consequences. The most important thing is to keep your precious cargo safe, and nothing is more precious than your baby or child. Trust As Snug As A Bug to come to you to fit your seat and to teach you the tricks of the trade.