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Considering a Baby Capsule for Hire. We can help.


Buying a child seat is ideal for many parents, but did you know that you can find a baby capsule for hire with As Snug As A Bug? Hiring a baby capsule can save you money for the first few years of your child’s life. Our baby equipment for hire is all clean, sanitised, and deemed safe by authorities. That way, you know that the capsule you are renting is going to provide the best protection for your child.

With As Snug As A Bug, you can find a baby capsule for hire in Blacktown and Castle Hill in Sydney. We can also accommodate residents located in several other suburbs. When it comes down to it, you need a restraint you can trust. We can help you find a restraint that you and your child will love at an affordable renting price. Our fitters can also explain to you how to install the capsule step-by-step so you’ll know the information yourself.

Be Properly Prepared for Your Child’s Arrival

Once children are born, they will need a good restraint if you plan on taking them out and about. So, when you decide you plan on a baby capsule for hire in Blacktown or Castle Hill, you should plan on installing your seat two weeks before your due date. With all the other planning for a newborn, this may not cross your mind; however, you need to be prepared to transport your bundle of joy home from hospital. If your baby comes before his or her due date, you will be prepared.

Our fitters at As Snug As A Bug can install the restraints at our location in Seven Hills or in Auburn, Camperdown, Wahroonga and other locations. We use buckles and accessories to make sure the seat is fitted, and we guarantee that our capsules are inspected regularly for any defects.

At As Snug As A Bug, our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to choosing child restraints in the Sydney area.